Sunday, August 5, 2012

my best ASSet

My Best ASSet
For most of my life I’ve been very insecure about my legs and butt.  For those of you who know me, I know what you’re probably thinking- she’s batshit crazy.  My legs have lived in pants even in the hottest and sunniest of summer days.  Dresses – oh sure, I own a few but they’ve all been worn probably once.  I’ve been athletic all my life starting in gymnastics when I was very young, then horseback riding  through high school.  I’ve also dabbled in wrestling and track for one season.  I’ve had a gym membership ever since I was 12.  Fitness has always been a part of my life so one might think that I would embrace my athletic lower extremities and proudly share to the world all their strength and power.  Not the case.  Why?  Well first off, I think knees are odd looking and this treacherous thing called cellulite starting making its appearance when I was about 19 years old.  This truly chaps my ass. 
Times change and everything gets older and in my case less concerned.  It hasn’t been until the last few months that I’ve started warming up to the idea of exposed legs on the street in shorts or a dress.  I’ve even started wearing shorts to work out.  I’ve long been a fan of the Lulu Lemon Wonder Under Crop pant as it makes any ass look so tight and dimple free but lately something for me has changed, and for the best.  I’ll have you know I have been squatting for seven years now.  I’ve been crushing leg workouts consistently for seven years!  I work my ass off (or in this case on) in the weight room to get my body just the way I want it.  So what if it’s not perfect.  It’s not supposed to be – this has been my enlightenment.  I know women would kill to have a booty like mine and although it’s not perfect, it really ain’t that bad…  In fact some days I wonder if Big K is with me just because he loves that I do embrace the squat and have a little more horsepower in the caboose.  So what I’ve come to find for myself is that my old insecurity about my butt is now a sense of pride, power and beauty. 
Thank you Big K for squatting heavy with me.  Thank you Dietrich and American Iron for starting the squatting madness.  And thank you everyone that has ever complimented me in regards to my bum, your kind words truly flatter.


  1. Beautiful words. I have realized I have a couple insecurities of my own over the summer, I hope that one day I can be as happy with mine as you appear to be now with yours.
    Keep writing and we will keep reading.

  2. Great post, I loved the honesty. I sure would be happy with a bum like yours :) I guess I am the only Brazilian woman without a nice bum hahaha...I am glad that you and Kyle have a blog now and I look forward to learn a lot from both of you. -Mari